Nouveau is currently working with three museums and also an extremely exciting research project where we are developing something that we cannot say anything about ….

What your education is, is not important. What is important is that you have experience with everything from making products, installations and content in buildings and outdoor areas.

Nouveau has offices in Oslo and Aalesund, but if you are highly skilled and live another place, then it could work just as fine. Because all employees at Nouveau meet for two-day 30 hour workshop every two weeks in our 500sqm lab in Ålesund, and the rest of the time we spend on education, meeting clients and doing what we would have done alone anyway. The most important thing is that you’re ridiculously good in what you are doing.

What we offer:

  • one 500sqm lab with all possible equipment to make prototypes of everything you design.
  • competative salary conditions
  • trips international to see what’s out there.
  • time for self-development.
  • courses and conferences.

Send us an email to if you are interested, or know someone who had been spot on for this.