Trying to make a difference with human-computer interaction and industrial design in health and culture.

Nouveau's competence is in interaction technology, psychology, and industrial design. Having worked with installations for a decade we saw that knowledge and technology used in culture also could be used in medicine and health. We are therefore working on some really exciting research projects at hospitals in Norway.

Kjell-Are Furnes

Managing Partner & Behavioural Analyst

M.Ph. in Psychology.

University of Oslo, Norway. 2001-2007

LinkedIn / Twitter / / +47 404 55 150

Arve Voldsund

R&D Human computer interaction design

MA Music Technology

University of Oslo, Norway, 2007

LinkedIn / Twitter / / +47 909 60 758

Jørn Refsnæs

Industrial designer

MA Industrial Design, Hochschule für Gestaltung,

Pforzheim, Deutschland 1996-2000

LinkedIn / Twitter / / +47 938 35 426

Anders Tveit

R&D Sound and interaction

Master in Music Technology

University of Oslo

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